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March 26th, 2022



09.10.2010 Neu: Final report of the Dolinsk festivity on 04.09.2010 with group photo
March 27th 2007 New: additional hotos:
  • 27 new photos contributed by Olga Heide, send by her grand daughter Olga Neufeld.
  • 1 additional photo contributed by Neil Nickel, further information needed
  • 1 photo contributed by Viktor Warkentin, the house of Andreas Janz in Podolsk.
January 7th 2006 New: Upload of parts of the Neu Samara centenary video.
December 26th 2006 New: 3 additional links in the link list:
August 20th 2006 New: 10 Photos contributed by Katie Giesbrecht from Canada.
July 22nd 2006 New: 3 Photos of Dolinsk, contributed by Peter Bergmann.
May 11th 2006 New: Photos: better search function. Now it's possible to search single words. Also, if you search for a surname, different spellings are checked. For example if you are searching for Tissen, the program is also looking for Thiessen, Tiessen and so on.
April 11th 2006 New: Village plans as PDF-files contributed by Johann Funk (Warendorf). They much better print quality. This are the sima plans as on JPG-files, additionally is only a plan of Pleschanowo in 1910.
Change: Slight changes on design (tables).
March 21st, 2006 New: 20 photos on Ischalka, sent by Valentina Nickel. They are contributed by Johann and Lilia Nickel (nee Voth) and Peter and Katharina Neufeld (nee Voth).
New: 31 additional photos from Johann Walde.
Change: Additional links in the linklist: homepage of a historical society of Mennonites in Paraguay and 2 encyclopedias.
March 3rd, 2006
New: 8 photos contributed by Johann Walde, nephew of Johann Walde (1912-1996).
February 2nd 2006
Neu: 4 more photos contributed by Alexej Reimer, on Kaltan and Lugowsk. We are searching for information on the group photo.
January 29th 2006
New:Start of a genealogy project for Neu Samara.
Change: of the image on the home page.
November 26th 2005
New: Translation of "Economy in Neu Samara untill 1930" in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
November 4th 2005
Change: New link in the linklist about Grischkowka in Altay.
Change: Table of business owners in Neu Samara in 1908 in Economy untill 1930 added.
October 25th 2005
New: Old newspapers, with over 300 newspaper cuttings from Krasnogvardeyez and Yuzhniy Ural.
August 20th 2005
Change: Additional link about Leninpol
Change: Map of Neu Samara from Google Earth in Landscape and Clima
August 13th 2005
New: Review of the "Auf Augenhöhe" exposition in Paderborn
August 9th 2005
New: Memoirs of Anna Wiens (nee Böse) (1864-1930) contributed by Alexej Reimer, her great-great grandson. She descibed her life from the settling in Lugowsk till short time before her death.
August 2nd 2005
New: 5 photos contributed by Alexej Reimer, on Kaltan and Lugowsk. His ancestors are pictured.
July 4th 2005
New: Download - area. Among of the old two files we put a video file, record of a drive through Dolinsk.
Change: Additional photo from Johann Funk.
Change: New link to the homepage of "Auf Augenhöhe" exposition in the linklist.
June 6th 2005
New: Die Ostsiedlung der preußischen Mennoniten im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert (The settlement in the east of Prussian Mennonites in 18th and 19th century) - research paper (for school) by Andreas Sawadsky. Content: reasons for and beginning of emigration to Russia.
April 28th 2005
New: 68 additional photos contributed by Waldemar and Nadine Sukkau from Bebra. Mainly taken in Kuterlja, Kaltan and Podolsk. So there are 813 photos now.
New: Russian map of Neu Samara area of 2003.
March 31th 2005
New: Presentation of a video about the Neu Samara centenary in 1990 with 24 screenshots.
March 17th 2005
New: 7 additional photos from Neil Nickel, with request for help by identifying of some of the persons on them.
March 6th 2005
New: Translation of "Architecture" in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
March 6th 2005 Change: New link to a Kitschkas-website in the linklist.
March 3rd 2005 New: Contemporary witnesses. Here will be published written memories of former Neu-Samarians. At first we publish these both texts. Both are in German. We will not translate them. Propably most of these text will be not translated, because they are to long. If there is someone who can do this job, we will be glad to put his translation on our website.
New: 10 photos about the Wieler family, contributed by Vanessa Black, a grand daughter of Maria Quapp (nee Wieler) (daughter of Jakob Wieler from Podolsk), from Canada. At the same time we put one of these photos in the biography of Jakob Wieler. Some of the photos show the Wieler's house. There is today the local museum. So now you can compare the old and the new images of it.

New: Function for creating a print version, which is not complete ready yet. In any case, it's worth to use this function, especially for long texts, before printing.
February 20th 2005 New: Biography of Jakob Wieler written by his grandson Erwin Wieler from Surrey, Canada. Translated in German by Dietrich Tissen.
February 19th 2005 Change: SWITCH TO PHP AND MYSQL!!! Hence the menu structure was tightened.
New: 68 photos from Johann Funk of his journey to Neu Samara in 2004. The are many beautiful nature images.
December 18th 2004
Change: one new photo contributed by Neil Nickel from Canada. It shows his grandparents taken in Dolinsk or Pleshanovo just before they came to Canada. He's searching the names of other persons on this photo.
December 14th 2004
Change: 95 additional photos from Johann Funk, they show many persons from Bogomasowo, Dolinsk and Donskoj.
December 12th 2004 Change: Update of Stalin's victims list with data from the 2nd edition of "Neu Samara am Tock"and in addition Nikolaj's  great grandfather Heinrich Heinrich Reimer.
November 24th 2004 New: Presentatation of Rückblick, a new German journal on Mennonite history and culture, published by Verein zur Erforschung und Pflege des Kulturerbes des russlanddeutschen Mennonitentums.
November 20th 2004 Change: 475 (!) additional photos: from Dr. Katharina Neufeld and Ira Fertsch, in addition images from the book "Neu Samara am Tock" and remained, not published, contributed by Johann Funk. At the moment many photos have still no description. They will be corrected and completed in the course of time. The interface has been improved, now it's possible to view single collections.
Change: Updated  village maps from the 2nd edition of  "Neu Samara am Tock", colored Krasnogwardejskij Rayon (District) map.
Change: Now there are links to the village maps in maps too.
November 15th 2004 Change: additional links.
November 13th 2004
New: Now in collaboration with Johann Funk, one of the publishers, we can offer "Neu Samara am Tock (1890-2003)" 2nd edition as PDF file (14.5 MB) for download (right click to save the file). The usual copyrights should be considered, in particular no commercial use without asking.
New: partial translation of "Books" in English.
October 7th 2004
New: Translation of Mennonites in Westprussia in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
September 22nd 2004
New: Translation of Glossary in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
September 19th 2004 New: Subject about the Emigration from Neu Samara
  • Report, contributed by Dolores Reimer, about the emegration of her ancestors to Kanada
  • Introduction in history of emigration to Amerika
New: Translation of  Landscape and Klima in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
New: 1 additional  map
Change: additional data in Population development
September 11th 2004 New: Translation of  Cornelius F. Klassen's biography in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
New: additional photos, contributed by Alexander Wittenberg
September 8th 2004 New: Translation of Neu Samara's History in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück.
September 6th 2004 New: Translation in Plautdietsch by Heinrich Dück. At the moment most Plautdietsch versions will show only High German texts. In future they should be replaced by Plautdietsch translations if possible.
August 7th 2004 New: Photo collection about Neu Samara
August 1st 2004 Change: New: Administrative development of Neu Samara (German)
July 25th 2004 New: Report by Katharina Nachtigal (Kuterlja) in German, propably there won't be a translation of it
July 25th 2004 New: 1 additional map
June 30th 2004 New: 4 Village reports about Annenskoje, Ischalka, Kamenez, Podolsk
June 29th 2004 Change: 4 additional images in museum entry
June 27th 2004 New: Entry about nuclear test in Totskoye is translated
June 26th 2004 New: Entry about our museum visit
June 26th 2004 Switch to new place
January 1st 2004 Start