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January 2nd, 2011



Photo of Dietrich Tissen
Dietrich Tissen

I was born 1978 in Gaj, province Orenburg, Russia. In 1992 I moved with my family to Germany. Since 1997 I live in Warendorf (near Münster). My father Andreas Tissen growned up in Dolinsk, Neu Samara. His parents and the father of my mother, came also from the Neu Samara settlement. I've study mathematics with minor subject informatics at Westfälische Wilhelms-University in Münster 2000 - 2006. After I've graduate in August 2006, I'm now working as programmer for an IT services enterprise. I compose this website together with my cousin Nikolaj.

Photo of Nikolaj Tissen
Nikolaj Tissen

I was born 1983 as third of nine children in Dolinsk, province Orenburg, Russia. The life and the origin of my parents, Johann (born in 1954) and Margarethe, nee Reimer, (born in 1957), is narrowly connected with the German settlement Neu Samara, although my mother herself is born in Kirghizistan.
In November 1990, when I was almost eight years old, our family moved to Minden (Westphalia) in Germany. Since 1994 we live in Bückeburg in Lower Saxony. After visiting of five different elementary schools, one of them in Russia, the visit of a Realschule and afterwards the Besselgymnasium in Minden, I was in an apprenticeship as draughtsman from august, 2002 till june, 2005. Subsequent to the apprenticeship I work for two months as draughtsman at Bernstein AG. Since september, 2005 I study MB-CAE Maschinenbau - Computer Aided Engineering at Fachhochschule Bielefeld.