River of Tock near Pleschanowo, Neu Samara.
05. Dezember 2010
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The authors Dietrich Tissen and Nikolaj Tissen want give access to the history of the German colony Neu Samara in the area of today's Russia to the general public on this website.

The representation of this colony happens within the scope of the whole history of the German-Russian Mennonites. Started by the origin with the Anabaptists, about the life of the Mennonites in Prussia, the migration to Ukraine and the spread about the whole Russian empire up to return to German homeland is attempted to build up a coherent historical picture.

Nevertheless, main focus of the publication is the already mentioned Orenburg colony - Neu Samara. Her origin is treated, the villages are introduced individually. An introduction into culture, traditions and customs is given for the interested. Also the landscape, the climate and the agriculture would be described. Beyond it, the religious development in the colony is outlined for the whole settlement duration.

Primarily, we want reach with our publication former inhabitants of the Neu Samara colony with the purpose to show them our common past.

Furthermore our website should offer to the outsiders who have interest in this topic a coherent historical picture of the Neu Samara colony within the scope of the German-Russian Mennonite history.

The idea for the foundation of this website came into being at a Christmas celebration in 2003. The work on the subject is laid out for the time of one year. Because an extension of the subjects frame would be of interest, an expansion of the working time is likely.

As an other purpose we have estimated the translation of the website in English, Russian and Plautdietsch, in particular to be present in Canada too. At the moment most entries are in German. We want thank Heinrich Dück from Warendorf, Germany, for Plautdietsch translations.

To every visitor of the website we are thankful for objective tips and possible critical-constructive comments.

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